NOTE: 2.x has been recreated from scratch as a new project. Visit #PiMP on Freenode for more details.


  • (SOLVED) The default cgminer.conf has a kernels : scrypt line, which makes sgminer choke. Take it out, and sgminer will start.

SOLVED - gpumon/mgpumon will not work. As root, do:

apt-get install dos2unix
cd /opt/bamt 
dos2unix gpumon gpumon
dos2unix mgpumon mgpumon

This removes the DOS linebreaks that prevent the scripts from working.

Network BugsEdit

All BAMT version except honeybee's BAMT 1.4.1 come with a Network Manager that has Bug and dissconnects the network connection with some network cards when using DHCP to connect to the internet.

To FIX this install the wicd networkmanager and uninstall the networkmanager that comes with BAMT.

Open a Terminal from Accessories > Root Terminal, or login with ssh to the rig.

(When logged in locally (with keyboard and monitor) you can leave the sudo part from the commands, as you are using a root terminal, they are only needed when logged in as user with ssh.)

  • First update BAMTs repositories with apt-get
sudo apt-get update
There is also a command line interface for wicd
  • to get that, run:
sudo apt-get install wicd-cli
sudo apt-get install wicd
  • And finally get rid of network manager
sudo apt-get remove network-manager*
  • sync your usb and Reboot system
sudo sync
sudo coldreboot
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