#litecoin-BAMT User BuildsEdit

Here are some links, builds, photos, and configurations from our community irc channel.

User BAMT Version GPUs (Brand / Model) Hashrate (per card) Links
bineon 1.3 4x Asus R9 290 880 KH .conf
melt7777 2.0 3x XFX 7970 DoubleD 690 KH photos/.conf
Lily 1.2 4x Sapphire 270x Toxic 490 KH photos
GoSub 3x 2x Sapphire R9 270 photos/.conf
GoSub 3x 7950  1992 KH Config Links
tlweb 1.3 12x Sapphire 280X Dual-X 720kh - 760kh


  • Fresh Shipment
  • I was a bit impatient to get running
  • A final state for my rigs
  • This shows how I keep my GPUs from flopping around if the crates are moved

Hardware (x2):

  • GPU: 2x Asus R9 290
  • PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2
  • Processor: AMD Athlon X2 340 Trinity
  • Motherboard: Biostar Hi-Fi A85W
  • RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X 4GB
  • HD: Kingston 30GB SSD


Currently I'm running BAMT 1.3 on both machines, achieving great uptime and awesome hashrates.


Both machines are at 1760 KH/second, for a combined total of 3520 KH/second. They run between 70 and 80 degrees C during the day, with fans at a constant 55%. I'm pulling freezing outside air with a window fan pointed directly at the box fan I have pointed at them so I don't have to run my GPU fans hard at all.

.conf file


melt7777 provides support in the #litecoin-bamt support channel as well as on various forums and helping maintain this wikia. 

melt7777 has played a large part in developing the new BAMT 2.0 release from the ground up as well as significant contributions to lily's Linux-PoolManager especially in the theme features and testing. The latest PoolManager software can be found at :



  • GPU: 3x XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double Dissipation
  • PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2
  • Processor: AMD Sempron 145 Single-Core
  • Motherboard: ASrock Extreme4 970 AM3+
  • RAM: Corsair 2x4gb DDR3
  • HD: Sandisk Cruzer Pop 16gb USB2 Flash drive, MicroCenter 32gb USB3 Flash Drives
  • Case: Milk Crate!
  • Risers: 3x Powered PCIe 1x to 16x 20cm Ribbons


Currently I'm running BAMT 1.4 and getting about 2.01MH/s total from the 3 card rig using a slight overclock, slight undervoltage, and a small cyclone fan on open-air cards.

Current testing with BAMT 2.0 beta is bringing in a slightly lower hashrate, about 1875kH/s, due to the newer Catalyst drivers.  However, this is a worthwhile trade-off for having an upgradeable, 64-bit operating system utilizing the full 8gb of RAM, for possible Scrypt-N support. Stay tuned for further updates!


Thank you for all of your generosity as we take the time to grow and support the mining community together!

BTC: 18ZyXaSs1mMoktaQP2titGw7rDwqkSuVTw

LTC: LfrWWvhJYfiNNPkDb3ErHtcRh21MmcQCi3

DOGE: DPc9nzcR7sQEzZN9GuJuzid4dsML2M5Gxo

Cryptsy Trade Key: 23b4c98265f8401d5e99fd7a147baa4bdd8965f4


Lily writes PoolManager, the miner control GUI, which is a web based pool and miner manager for CGminer and clones (sgminer, vertminer, keccak, etc). Written in perl (no php). Originally extended from the BAMT miner web interface of gpumon/mgpumon.

  • Add or Remove pools, or Switch priority, from the web GUI without stopping your miner.
  • Stop/start the miner, with password protection and version/run time display.
  • Stats header with Total Accepted/Rejected/Ratio, Work Util, HW errors, Uptime, Load, Free Mem.
  • GPU and Pool details pages, including native graphing with persistence.
  • Miner details page with reboot control, SSH to Host link and Configuration Editor.
  • Install script enables SSL redirection (and optional default page password) for security.
  • Farm Overview, including miner versions, active pools, and last page refresh time.
  • Easy CSS theming, with several included themes.
  • GUI Settings Page - no need to edit a settings file.

The latest version of PoolManager is here:

Lily also provides support in the #litecoin-bamt support channel.

If you love PoolManager, please donate! Thanks :)

BTC: 1JBovQ1D3P4YdBntbmsu6F1CuZJGw9gnV6

LTC: LdMJB36zEfTo7QLZyKDB55z9epgN78hhFb


virtuals has been one of the original irc community supporters and has been a contributor to the Setup portions of this wiki as well as providing assistance to the developers.

Multiple rigs Photos: [1]

GoSub - minandomucho gmail comEdit

3 x      2 x r9 270 - PLC - wood jail

840 mh/s   370 watts

1 x    2 x 7950  - PLC -

Config to high power   1 server with 2 7950 dual x -   870 watts  1800 mh/s

Link to high but not maxpower. 

1 x    3 x 7950 - PLC - Wood Jail 

Config to max power 950 Watts 1992 mh/s

Photos: [2]


tlweb is a noob miner / webdesigner that started mining in januari 2014. likes to hang out in #litecoin-bamt and contribute to lily's poolmanager. His ambition is to make a living out of mining.


Rig 1 cost approx € 2400,-:

  • Graphics: 6x Sapphire 280X Dual-X OC
  • Power supply: 2x Corsair RM1000(W)
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H LGA 1155  (not recommended)
  • Processor: Intel Celeron G1620
  • RAM: 1x 8GB 1333 CL9 DDR3
  • HD: 4GB USB 2.0 FlashDrive
  • Risers: 5x 30cm 1x-16x powered risers
  • Case: custom built wooden open case frame

Rig 2 cost approx € 2230,-:

  • Graphics: 5x Sapphire 280X Dual-X OC / 1x Sapphire 280X Vapor-X
  • Power supply: 2x Corsair RM1000(W)
  • Motherboard: ASRock H81 Pro BTC LGA 1150
  • Processor: Intel Celeron G1820
  • RAM: 1x 8GB 1333 CL9 DDR3
  • HD: 4GB USB 2.0 FlashDrive
  • Risers: 6x 30cm 1x-16x unpowered risers (mobo has 2 extra 4-pin molex to power the pci-e slots)
  • Case: custom built wooden open case frame


Running both rigs on BAMT 1.3 with Lily IFMI Poolmanager.

The 280X Dual-X either come with elpida or hynix memory.

  • My 4 elpida cards do 710 - 720 Kh/s
  • My 8 hynix cards do 750 - 760 Kh/s

CGminer settings:

  • Intensity: 13
  • Thread concurrency: 8192
  • GPU threads: 2
  • Core clock elpida: 1036 - 1050
  • Core clock hynix: 1070 - 1090
  • Mem clock: 1500


Directory/Shell ColoringEdit

Add the following to the end of your /etc/bash.bashrc:

# Set colorful PS1 only on colorful terminals.
# dircolors --print-database uses its own built-in database
# instead of using /etc/DIR_COLORS.  Try to use the external file
# first to take advantage of user additions.  Use internal bash
# globbing instead of external grep binary.
safe_term=${TERM//[^[:alnum:]]/?}   # sanitize TERM
 -f ~/.dir_colors    && match_lhs="${match_lhs}$(<~/.dir_colors)"
 -f /etc/DIR_COLORS  && match_lhs="${match_lhs}$(</etc/DIR_COLORS)"
[[ -z ${match_lhs}    ]] \
        && type -P dircolors >/dev/null \
        && match_lhs=$(dircolors --print-database)
[[ $'\n'${match_lhs} == *$'\n'"TERM "${safe_term}* ]] && use_color=true
if ${use_color} ; then
        # Enable colors for ls, etc.  Prefer ~/.dir_colors #64489
        if type -P dircolors >/dev/null ; then
                if  -f ~/.dir_colors  ; then
                        eval $(dircolors -b ~/.dir_colors)
                elif  -f /etc/DIR_COLORS  ; then
                        eval $(dircolors -b /etc/DIR_COLORS)
       if [[ ${EUID} == 0 ]] ; then
               PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;31m\]\h\[\033[01;34m\] \W \$\[\033[00m\] '
               PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h\[\033[01;34m\] \w \$\[\033[00m\] '

       alias ls='ls --color=auto'
       alias grep='grep --colour=auto'
       if [[ ${EUID} == 0 ]] ; then
               # show root@ when we don't have colors
               PS1='\u@\h \W \$ '
               PS1='\u@\h \w \$ '
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