Hello, just wondering whether any progress is being made with BAMT 2.02.  I'd love to give it a go.  I'm currently using BAMT 2.01 on a 3 x 7950 rig.  I'm taking a small hit on the hash rate and was holding out for 2.02, but if you say it will be a while before it is released I will switch back to BAMT 1.4.  I'll be more than happy to give you feedback on my experience with 2.02 once I try it.  I don't think I've encountered any problems with 2.01 that aren't already known.  I successfully built SGMiner 4.1.153 in hope of fixing the problem where ADL is unable to read from my BIOSes but no go. 09:27, March 20, 2014 (UTC) 


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